2019-2020 RCIA Schedule

St. Ignatius Parish RCIA
2019 – 2020 Schedule
Date Calendar Session Topic 1 Topic2
08/15/19 Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Holy Day of Obligation
08/18/19 20th Sun OT Session 1 Intros + Q1 Orientation C1 RCIA process
08/25/19 21st Sun OT Session 2 Q2 What is Faith? S1 What is Truth?
09/01/19 22nd Sun OT Session 3 Q3 Trinity S4 Trinity
09/08/19 23rd Sun OT Session 4 Q4 Who is Jesus Christ? S2 Proofs of Divinity
09/15/19 24th Sun OT Session 5 Q5 The Bible S3 Divine Revelation
09/22/19 25th Sun OT Session 6 Q6 Divine Revelation S5 Creation and Fall
09/29/19 26th Sun OT Session 7 Q7 Your Prayer Life S6 Incarnation & Crucifixion
10/06/19 27th Sun OT Session 8 Q8 Catholic prayers & practices S7 Church
10/13/19 28th Sun OT Session 9 Q9 The Mass S11 Sacraments
10/20/19 29th Sun OT Session 10 Q10 The Church Year S12 Baptism & Confirmation
10/27/19 30th Sun OT Session 11 Q11 Places in a Catholic Church, Etiquette S13Eucharist
11/01/19 All Saints Day, Holy Day of Obligation
11/03/19 31st Sun OT Session 12 Q12 Who shepherds the Church? S14 Sin and Confession
11/10/19 32nd Sun OT Session 13 Q13 The Church as Community C10 The People of God
11/17/19 33rd Sun OT Session 14 Q14 Mary S8 Blessed Virgin
11/24/19 Solemnity of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe
    † Rite of Acceptance (Unbaptized) / Welcoming (Baptized) Sponsors/Godparents to attend.
    Session 15 Q15 The Saints S27 Communion of Saints
11/28/19 Thanksgiving
12/01/19 1st Sun Advent Session 16 Q16 Eschatology S10 The Last Things
12/08/19 2nd Sun Advent Session 17 C13 Christian Moral living S16 Freedom and Happiness
12/09/19 Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the BVM Holy Day of Obligation
12/18/19 3rd Sun Advent Session 18 C14 The dignity of life S17 Moral Virtues
12/22/19 4th Sun Advent Session 19 C15 A consistent ethic of life S18 Commandments I, II, III
12/25/19 Christmas, Holy Day of Obligation, Go to Mass.
12/29/19 Feast of the Holy Family – No Session
01/01/20 Solemnity of the BVM, the Mother of God Holy Day of Obligation, Go to Mass.
01/05/20 Epiphany of the Lord Session 20 C16 Social Justice S19 4thCommandment
01/12/20 Baptism of the Lord Session 21 C2 The Sacraments an introduction S20 5thCommandment
01/19/20 2nd Sun OT Session 22 C3 The Sacrament of Baptism S21 6th & 9th Commandments
01/26/20 3rd Sun OT Session 23 C4 The Sacrament of Confirmation S22 7th 10th Commandments
02/02/20 4th Sun OT Session 24 C5 The Sacrament of Eucharist S23 8th Commandment
02/09/20 5th Sun OT Session 25 C6 The Sacrament of Penance and reconciliation S9 Purgatory
02/16/20 6th Sun OT Session 26 C7 The Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick S15 Anointing of the Sick
02/23/20 7th Sun OT Session 27 E1 Saying Yes to Jesus L1 Beatitudes
02/26/20 ASH WEDNESDAY (Start of Lent)
03/01/20 1st Sun Lent † Rite of Sending off of Elects/Candidates
  Session 28 E2 Living Lent L2 Gifts of the Spirit
  † Rite of Election (Cathedral) (with Sponsors/Godparent)
03/08/20 2nd Sun Lent Session 29 E3 Scrutinies looking within L3 Fruits of the Spirit
03/15/20 3rd Sun Lent † First Scrutiny of Elect/Canditates (Presentation of the Creed)
  Session 30 E4 The Creed S31 Introduction to Prayer
03/22/20 4th Sun Lent † Second Scrutiny of Elect (with Sponsors/Godparents)
    Session 31 E5 The way of the Cross L4 Intro to Liturgical Prayer
03/29/20 5th Sun Lent † Third Scrutiny of Elect Presentation of ” The Lord’s Prayer”. (with Sponsors/Godparents)
  Session 32 E6 The Lord’s prayer L32 Lord’s Prayer
04/05/20 Palm Sunday Session 33 E7 The meaning of Holy Week S28The Mass
04/08/20   Evening Rehearsal of the Holy Thursday Mass.    
04/09/20 Holy Thursday
04/10/20 Good Friday Good Friday Veneration of the Cross Liturgy
04/11/20 Holy Saturday † Morning Rehearsal for the Easter Vigil Mass. (with Sponsors)
04/11/20 Easter Vigil † Rite of Initiation of the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Eucharist
04/19/20 Octave of Easter Session 34 M1 Conversion + M2 Laity S29 Holy Matrimony
04/26/20 3rd Sun Easter Session 35 C8 Matrimony + C 9 Orders M7 Family Life
05/03/20 4th Sun Easter Session 36 M3 Your Spiritual Gifts + M4 Discernment S30 Holy Orders
05/10/20 5th Sun Easter Session 37 M5 Virtues + M 6 Holiness S26 Papacy & Hierarchy
05/17/20 6th Sun Easter Session 38 C 11 Early Church S24Church History Pt. 1
05/24/20 Ascension Session 39 C12 Church History S25 Church History Pt. 2
05/31/20 Pentecost Session 40 M8 Evangelization L5 Crisis & the way forward

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