Who am I? Who are you?

How do you know who you are? All of us learn who we are from our relationships.  Ideally we discover our identity by seeing ourselves reflected in the eyes of those who love us.  Initially these eyes are the eyes of our parents, our family.  Later that circle expands to include friends, school mates and... Continue Reading →

Bill Barr and the problem with America today

Attorney General Bill Barr gave a great speech at Notre Dame.  On the same day there was a big Notre Dame football game and Mr. Barr participate in a taligate party during which he played the bagpipes.  It is possibly for that reason that the audio is not the greatest, the microphones having previously been... Continue Reading →

God’s Kingdom is advancing in Iran

Throughout history since Jesus began His preaching and healing ministry the Holy Spirit has been active in the world.  Always a surprise, always in wonderful ways, His grace imparts faith and discipleship in even the most unlikely places and in the most trying circumstances. The following video is made a fundamentalist Protestant group and details... Continue Reading →

Fr. Z on St. Michael the Archangel

You can read him over at his site, some grafs below. Drawing on Scripture, theologians such as Pseudo-Dionysius and St Thomas Aquinas designate a triad of triads of angelic choirs according to their missions: Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones – Dominions, Virtues and Powers – Principalities, Archangels and Angels.  Within these choirs there is hierarchy, no... Continue Reading →

Why old heresies matter – Neo-gnosticism

Great post over at Roman Catholic Man about the return of one of the old heresies and what it is doing to our society.  The whole of Leftism is a development of Marxism, which is a form gnosticism. “My friends, we’re in trouble. I won’t mince words with you,” said Robert George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton... Continue Reading →

Sharpen yourself up!

I am not a huge fan of Jordan Peterson, but once in a while he gets it right.  God's mighty power to create is manifested in His Word, He speaks to the Holy Spirit hovering over the deep, "Let there be light!" and there is light.  His Word, THE Word (in Greek "logos") speaks His... Continue Reading →

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