Fr. Z on incorrupt bodies of saints

I am going to swipe a goodly part of Fr. Z's post just because it's so interesting. He begins my answering a question from a reader: Hi Father, is it important for a saints body to be incorrupt after death? Does it confirm the person was holy and what does it say about the saints... Continue Reading →

Battle lines

Fr. Richard Heilman is a priest of the diocese of Madison, WI and is the brainchild of the Combat Rosary.  He has written a great article over at his site, Roman Catholic Man absolutely on point regarding the times in which we live (and includes a Bishop Sheen video)   THE BATTLE LINES ARE NOT... Continue Reading →

Telling it like it is, Pt. 2

Retired Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has published an massive expose about what he knows about the sex abuse scandal.  He was assigned to be the Papal Nuncio to the United States from 2011 to 2016.  Judging from his picture, not a man you want to mess with. Fr. Z has posted a podcast of him reading... Continue Reading →

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