New Christian Initiation discussions begin Aug. 18

The new cycle of RCIA discussions in English will begin next week on Sunday, August 18.  Interested persons, whether seekers wanting to know more about the Catholic faith, persons actively seeking conversion, Baptism, Confirmation or First Eucharist are all welcome. Book of Gospels

We will meet in the church for the 9.00 AM Mass and be dismissed immediately after Father gives the sermon or homily.  At that time I will approach the center aisle from my position on the right side pews near the front and will stand there looking at Father.  At that time you will join me there, Father will say a few words of dismissal, hand me the book of the Gospels and we will exit stage left.

From there we will go over to the Parish Center for our discussion.  Hopefully there will be someone there to open the door for us.

I am very excited to be able to meet any and all who wish to join the discussion.



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